Who is Saz?

Sandra, also known as ‘Saz’ around social media, is an online educator, social media coach and the author of the 2019 Social Media Planner for Private Practice. 


Sandra supports therapists as they start to add social media to their private practice marketing strategy.  Being visible online can feel very vulnerable, but at the same time, in the today’s world of accessible technology, it is often an essential part of marketing due to the fact that online is where people are searching for services (including therapy).


Specialising in the ‘HowTo’ of social media marketing, Sandra teaches therapists how to get started with different platforms, how to create content, how to use free tools and how to show up constantly without being on social media every day. 


Sandra really believes the more people start to see and hear therapists on Social Media, the stigma of 'going to therapy" will start to change.  People will become aware of the faces and voices of therapists in their community, which can make it easier for them to take the step to reach out and book a session for themselves, or even encourage a friend or family member to reach out to someone they can talk to. 

You will also find Saz at Onlinevents CPD




Qualifications & Experience.

Business Management BA (Hons) Saz returned to University as a mature student and graduated from Edinburgh Napier in 2017.  Dissertation research included the use of new technology, including social media, to promote and run small businesses. 


Co-Founder of Onlinevents CPD  (Online CPD library for counselors, therapists, coaches & supervisors)  - Using social media Saz has grown Onlinevents into an online community which has created connections, friendship and support.

Get Social With Saz

Over the last 9 years, Saz has built experience of using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a way to not only build a community online, but also to promote events, to increase reach and create an online presence that reflects the person behind the profile.  This experience along with technical know-how is shared with Saz's audience in Get Social With Saz Facebook Group and 1-1 Coaching clients. 


Saz's experience is unique as she brings together experience of Social Media marketing and the knowledge of the very sensitive and ethical way practitioners need to be considering when promote their practice. 

Public Sector Customer Service Saz spent 10 years providing customer service in the public sector.  Customers were always treated with respect, patience and as individuals.  The experience gained in this role is used every day when Saz interacts with her audience.  

And Finally......

.....Saz's cat Maisie.  Often Maisie can be seen on coaching calls and in Saz's social media profiles (that is because she is so cute!!) 


Saz's hobbies include making beautiful gift baskets for friends and families, making bangles and most recently bullet journalling.