Why you love what you do. Offer something about your passion for what you do.

Why therapy is self-care 

Things to consider when choosing a therapist (Add something you offer. For example, parking, easy access, etc.) Split your tips into different posts and/or collate them as a handy list for your audience to take away.

Questions to ask your therapist (Think of questions you have been asked and create lots of content around them).

Top three pieces of advice in your niche. If you do not have a niche as such, think of helpful information you can offer someone scrolling through social media (related to your practice)

Your favourite self-care tips (Offer your audience some inspiration)

Top three things people struggle with in your niche or what you work with and some valuable help to deal with these. A lot of different situations can be split into different pieces of content.

What to expect when you start counselling (If you can, list a particular number). You can also split this into different pieces of content across the year.

If appropriate, talk about a charity you support and why.

Talk about the area your practice is located in. Is there a particular story behind the area, etc.?

FAQ. State the question in a video, blog or image and answer in the post or video (this can create various pieces of content through the year).

Review an article or book you have read that is applicable to your audience. Read a poem that will inspire.

Talk about training you have recently completed. Why you went, what you learned, etc.

Seasonal reminders. Make a note in your diary so you can plan ahead. Offer some advice around the seasons.

Use the Awareness days in your diary and create content around the topics. (Relate back to your practice)

Let's Get Creating

When you are out of ideas use the ideas above as an inspiration for a blog, social media post or video


Captions & images created for your feeds monthly!


I love sharing what I know and have tried on social media to help therapists all over the world become more visible to their potential clients...."I know that finding the right therapists changes lives!!" 

Oh and I LOVE a cup of tea!


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