Images/Video Package - £300/EVENT 
- Event title Images designed for Facebook & Twitter
- Countdown images designed for Facebook & Twitter
- Testimonial images designed for Facebook & Twitter
- Location info designed for Facebook & Twitter
- Social media header images (Facebook & Twitter) 
- Event title square & landscape
- Organisers info square & landscape
- Presenters Info square & landscape
Optional +£20/Month for Auto Posting To Your Social Media Accounts
1 Image/video Posted to Onlinevents' Audience Every Week - £80 for content creation ...£10/month for social media posting until your event
- One event image created and posted to Onlinevents audience with links to your event once a week until your event goes live. 
Online Consultation £25/30 Mins | £50/60 Mins
- If you would like to promote your event yourself, but you would like some advice along the way, book yourself in for an online consultation.  We can discuss your actions to date and what I would suggest you do going forward. 
Please get in touch for more information or to get your CPD event promotion started 

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