What is Wellbeing Social Content Planner?

Wellbeing Social Content Planner is ready made content for therapists to share to their social media feeds when they don't have anything scheduled to post.  It contains an image, a caption and suggested personal image per day. 

Who is the content planner for?

It is particularly for mental health therapists who have little time to create posts for social media.  

Who is the content planner not for?

It is not for therapists who can afford to pay a social media manger to create personal content. 

Am I allowed to brand the images to make my feed more personal?

Yes, every image you download from Wellness Social can be edited to add your colours, your logo and your website.  You have full permission to use the image as your own. CHECK OUT HOW TO BRAND THE IMAGES

Can the images really be personalised if they are pre prepared? 

Yes, throughout the month there will be images that have a white background for you to add borders, colours and logos that will be easily recognised by your audience. 

How do I add my logo or website to the images?

1 - Download the image to your computer from the Dropbox file 

2 - Upload the image to​ (Fee design tool)

3 - Start a new Instagram design and add the image 

4 - Use the text to add your website or add your logo

(Please get in touch if you need any help with this) 

How do I get the images from your website to my social media account?

Each month's content will be uploaded to a file on Dropbox.  You will have access to that file, all you need to do is download each image from the file and upload them to your social media profile. 

Is the content easier to post from my desktop or mobile?

I would suggest that you download all of the images to your desktop at once or as you use them.  You can then send them to your phone via email if you need to save them on your phone.

How do I schedule content so I don't need to worry about posting through the month?

Instagram - Use to upload your image and caption and schedule for the full month

Facebook - Schedule from your Facebook post instead of posting or use

Twitter - Schedule from or use

LinkedIn - Schedule from

Can I dip in and out and only use the content when I need it?

Of course, in fact many therapists are finding this to be the way they are using Wellness Social Content.  When you know you will be away from your usual schedule or you are on holiday, having social media posts ready for these dates saves you time and effort.

If I am inspired by the daily content to create blog posts can I use it for my own blog?

Yes, I would love you to use the Wellbeing Social Content Planner as inspiration for your blog.  Sometimes the agony of thinking what to write can be a nightmare.  You are also welcome to use any for the images in your blog and to promote your blog in the future.  (Remember to rename the file of the image to the name of your blog, just a wee SEO tip there) 

Would you post the content for me?

Absolutely!  I know how busy you are running your practice, so I have offered you a subscription package to have your content uploaded to all of your social media accounts without you having to do any posting.  (I would be in touch to ask if you had any personal images I can share through the month).  This subscription is £60/month. 

I like to post a lot of articles and blogs relevant to my niche, will this content be of use to me?

It really will.  Social media thrives on a really active account, so the more you can post the better.  The beauty of using the Wellness Social Content Planner along with blogs and articles is that you will have varied content.  The planner will give you visual content and content that tells your followers about you and the articles and blogs you share give more detailed information about your work etc. 

Can I unsubscribe if the planner is not for me or I don't want to use it any more? 

Absolutely, it only takes an email and your subscription will be cancelled for any coming payments. 

Do you have plans for anything else on Wellness Social?

Yes, watch this space!!