4 Ways Therapists Can Get Involved in #Timetotalk on Social Media

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Every year Time To Change create a campaign to help end mental health discrimination. This year the campaign falls on 7th February. There are so many ways you can get involved on social media. Scroll down to watch my tutorial video to get you started.

Joining the #TimeToTalk conversation as a therapist on social media helps you add your voice to a very important campaign while building awareness.

Time to Change have provided a whole lot of great content for you to use on your social media platforms to help you take part in the campaign. Take a look at how to get access to the downloads on Time to Change website in the video tutorial below.





(1) Download Time to Change images and add them to your social media feed

(2) Upload new Facebook/Twitter Covers using Time to Change's ready made images

(3) Add the preprepared email banner to your emails.

(4) Schedule out your content so that it is posted on #TimeToTalk day 7 February.

Enjoy talking part..... and don't forget to add #TimeToTalk on all of your posts! Please also tag me on Twitter at @SocialWithSaz and I will share your posts.

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