5 Tips To Promote Your Blog & Get It Seen!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Writing your blog is hard....promoting your blog can feel even harder!! However following a routine every time you post a blog is a good habit to get in to in order to grow your audience.

Always view your blogs as a resource for potential clients to read when they search for your website or come to it via your online directories such as Counselling Directory and Psychology Today

I always find it easier to follow checklists when they are on my desk. Order your A5 Social Media Planner for Private Practice and have lots of Blog promotion tips at hand. You will also have access to content ideas to keep your social media profiles active ALL YEAR

Unfortunately, there is not a super duper fix to getting your blogs read by a multitude of people and getting a wave of clients. I know that would be lovely!

It’s easy to get disheartened about social media but when you view it as a way of building your own resource of content, you never know what changes you can make to someone’s day! And they will be there for reference for a long time to come!

Keep building it and keep sharing. (If you have read this far, I bet you want t to know what the 5 steps are ..head to my bio and jot them down in your blogging notebook)

So here are your 5 Top Tips to follow:

5 Tips To Promote Your Blog

I hope you find these tips handy and would love to know what you do to promote your blog.

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