How to keep your social media active while you take a break away from your phone and computer

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

So...your holiday time is booked, whether its a holiday away from home or time off from work. You cannot wait until you can get up in the morning and switch off from your 'normal' routine of work.

But wait ..... you have that nagging thought..... "what about my regular posting schedule on social media'......or 'I wont have time to post when I am relaxing'.....or 'is it ok to take a break from social media?'

You will start to ask these questions when you have started to think seriously about your social media strategy! And here's the secret can automate your social media during your holidays.

"Its OK to take a break from it all, even social media"

Your social media profiles will not evaporate while you are away, and your followers will not forget about you!! So if you plan to have a Social Media detox, then thats a good plan if it fits in with what you are looking for in order to get some good self care (Check out my 'Do Self Care' Facebook Group to get support around self care)

However, there is another side to this, think about are on holiday, with some extra time on your hands ....... and so are your audience!

If you plan ahead you will have the opportunity to reach an audience that are more relaxed and spending more time on social media.

Follow the suggestions below to allow you to have a good break, but still keep your social media profiles active.


(grab a pen and some paper to write down some ideas)


Think about what your audience will be dealing with over the holiday period. Is it stress, loneliness, loss or anxiety (think about your niche), write them down in your notebook. Then think of what action you want them to take: visiting your website, commenting on your post, download your guide etc.

Content: Do a search for articles based on what your audience will be dealing with. Find as many as you can and add them to a spreadsheet (add previous blogs you have written also).

This is a really good exercise as these articles can be used again either at other holiday times or at a later date when you are discussing a similar topic.

Think about some lighter hearted articles or thoughts you could share as well. If you like animals or have a pet, prepare some images with your pet or find some from free image sites such as Pixabay

Images & Video: Take a walk into nature and capture some lovely pictures of the trees, sky, flowers etc. with your mobile. Do the same with with video. These will be great for posting while you are away.

Brand your own images by adding your logo or website using the free tool Canva (Use them for quotes)


Facebook - Post weekly between 1-4PM (Check your audience for specific times they are online via Facebook Insights)

Twitter - Post 3 times daily around lunch time

LinkedIn - Post daily after 5PM

Instagram - 2-3PM twice a day

Find more specific guidance on posting times via TrackMaven


Ok you have some really nice content with a mix of images, videos, blogs and articles....

The trick to keeping your profiles active is to SCHEDULE!

There are paid tools that can help you schedule, but I would suggest you use a FREE tool such as Buffer.

Use your list of content......your article links, your images and your videos to create and schedule posts for every day you will be on a break. (You do this by uploading them to Buffer and scheduling a date and time for them to be posted into your profiles)

(If you would like to plan out what you will post on particular days, download my handy Posting Callander to help you get organised. Sometimes its easier to upload to Buffer once you have written out your plan)

3 Ways To Keep Automated Posts Personable

  1. Write some copy about the article/blog or image you are sharing along with the URL

  2. Ask a media platforms always favour posts with comments (think about this depending how long you will be away)

  3. Let people know why you like this content or why it relates to your work

Grab a cuppa, put on your favourite music .........and get scheduling!

Ok, You are good to go and enjoy your holiday!!

Here's a tip.....DONT WORRY ABOUT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA UNTIL YOU RETURN HOME. Oh and take LOTS of pictures when you are away that you could use for your social media posts when you come back!

Have a great time away and feel refreshed!


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If you need any help getting your posts scheduled or using any of the tools mentioned, feel free to get in touch HERE

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