Planning This Weeks 


Let's get this done! 

Start by opening your scheduling tool... 

If you only have 1 hour this week, follow the 5 step plan and you will be fine


Find 5 Blog/articles of interest to my audience - Add them to your Buffer queue


Find 5 quotes/images (if you have time make these into your own images, if not download images you find on other pages ....make sure you credit where you seen the image from by adding their name in the text of your post. 


Choose one of your own blogs and schedule once this week


- Choose/take an image from your phone ..... write about what the image is about.  Upload this to your scheduled queue.  Stuck for image ideas? Remeber the list here


- Check Awareness days for this week HERE (Create an image/blog for the awareness day if you have time.  If not, add it to your schedule as a tweet/post (see Awareness Days for posting tips, remember to add the #Tag) 



Got some more time this week?  Why not head over to the grid and choose something different to add to your schedule.  Maybe record a video or create a text based video of your blog?  RETURN TO THE INSPIRATION GRID

Great work!! That's you up to date for this week.... have a good week!

See you next week

I am glad to say thats another weeks social media posts scheduled with the help of my Private Practice Social Media Virtual Assistant via Get Social With Saz - Click To Tweet  IMAGE 

Head over to Get Social With Saz Facebook Group and share some of your updates for this week 

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